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Amazing Low-Cost DIY Gardening Projects

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If you’re interested in applying your green thumb and creating some refreshing space, you’re at the ideal location. Together with these low cost DIY gardening projects not just can you present a beautiful garden but also up-cycle a few things which you would otherwise throw in the trash!

Create Your Own Garden Planters

Decorative bottles, old furniture, broken crockery, and old boots- it is possible to transform an assortment of old things into beautiful and unique garden planters.

DIY your background fire pit with just a shovel, measuring rope, gravel and sand! Roast marshmallows and barbeque chicken legs since you’ve got outdoor garden party with friends and loved ones!

You are able to earn fantastic and inexpensive sprinklers to your garden or yard with pop bottles. Cut outside slits on the bottles and duct tape your garden hose firmly across the mouth of the soda bottle. You may even decorate the plastic bottles using twines, mosaic (with broken cup or plate bits ) or plastic paint!

Use chicken wire and distinct colors of spray paint to make garden decorations to jazz up the appearance of your garden. Other low cost DIY gardening projects for garden decorations include painting stones or cubes, making garden showpieces etc..

Upcycled Seed Starters

You may grow a great deal of plants, especially vegetables, from seeds. For low cost DIY gardening projects, you may use eggshells, Starbucks coffee cups, and much plastic trays to start your windowsill seedling garden.

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